Friday, June 18, 2010

Funny but serious

Its on my way to Binani Zinc I met that aunty who works as a clerk in Edappally. In my 30 mins journey we get enough time to talk on the many things. Out of these, most of the time, the topic will be frequency of buses in Panayikulam route. We speak this almost every day as there will be many people including ladies on the footboards of the bus. For everyone, the journey is a nightmare. Anyways we are getting used to it.

Yesterday, the bus filled more gents than women. We were sitting in the second chair from the door. Usually the place till the third seat will be occupied by women. This time, it was occupied by gents. No enough space and people standing were literally slanting. It was then my friend started a new spin in the chat

As I told earlier, she is working as a clerk in an attorney’s office and has to travel a lot. Whenever she enters a bus from city, the first thing she does is the display of the knife she carries in her bag. She takes it out, wipe it, check it, and keep it back in the bag. By this men near her will move away.

She has been doing this for a fairly long time… and this is how a woman is supposed to travel in the so called “God’s Own country”. Right from eve teasing to unwanted touch, a woman has to bear many things in the streets and public places of this God’s own land. But hardly have they reacted. Even if they, others discourage her. No one desires a change and no change, it repeats.


  1. hehe...she is an intelligent woman. I thought im the only one who luv to carry such things like knife, lighter, whistle & a torch. I call it my 'survival kit'....but my friends call me crazy. ;)

  2. @ Dheeraj

    can't believe that a boy too has to carry a survival kit... is it bcoz of the recent amendment to Sec 377 of IPC?? ;)

  3. @Elizabeth
    hehe...u didnt have to use 'sec377 of IPC' & stuff like that...i had to go through wiki to know that it means homosexuality. Anyway, im not a no, im not carrying these things bcoz some men might want to touch Im just carrying these bcoz it might be useful if im trapped in some kind of difficult situation...I know it sounds crazy, but i find it very reassuring that i carry very useful stuffs with me...i.e. if im in trouble, i dont have to waste my time thinking some1 or something will help me...i can work my way out myself. Did i mention, i also carry a book, a pen, a pencil & a mobile phone like everyone else? :D

  4. hey.. i was just kidding... don't take it personally

  5. LOL!!!....Elizabethe!!....ithaane ente normal way of talking....i knew u wud freak out whn u read my reply. Dont worry, im totally cool with it. :D

  6. @DJ
    .... he he he....very interesting, u cool man....

    .... This is case almost every route in our EKM