Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Pseudo Love

I was sitting in the verandah thinking how to celebrate the World Environment day. Like Japanese, I was planning for it, for a long time, at least from the days of ads and campaigns on “the DAY”. I dreamt of planting teak, mahagony and a few other varieties of tree saplings. But now I realize when my plans lay as the promises of the politicians, that am just another citizen, who is very good at preaching and do less.

Am just another citizen, who speak on global warming, climate change and emission control. I mourn at the shrinking forest and lament for the disappearing species. I cry when my neighbor throw garbage into the nearby water body. I am that civil servant who rejected the indebted farmer’s request to register the sale of his land to a real estate giant. At the end of the day, I find myself, resting in the air conditioned room of my concrete palace. I cut down all the trees in my small piece of land, for beautification. But still am a lover of this earth and my environment. I still cry when…..


  1. hehe...nice one!! Its good to see u r not ashamed or fearfull in accepting urself. Thats a good start. Most people are incapable of doing that. Most people just want to spend their entire life in a dreamy wonderland. Most people are afraid to look inside themselves.....but still, why do u cry when u already know all these?...u should be thinking of either doing smthing abt it or getting over it.

  2. why you always think lyk japaneese?????
    even your message start with japaneese!!!!!!!!!!!