Saturday, June 26, 2010

PSC Calling....

A few weeks back, I met a childhood friend of mine at the bus stop. The bus stop is a place that give better chances for social networking as many buses skip the trip. You get enough time to meet new people, to gossip and of course, for re-defining relationships (love at first sight)…. No bus.. We waited there

Now days I don’t get much excited with meeting my old friends. I used to have a huge list of friends whom I call regularly and get not even a miss call from them that shows you are still remembered. Exceptions are there. Please excuse if you are the one who sms, call, mail/scrap me. Can’t help it as we all are struggling to make the ends meet.

This girl was a classmate of mine, during lower primary days. We were talking and in between she asked if am writing any PSC exams. I said

“No. I don’t “ . She stared at me in surprise. Probably I belong to that minority of cracks who doesn’t long for a govt job or would have thought it’s my ego.

“Cuhmon da.. you write a few. If you go through it, it’s a lottery. No need to work. But you can collect the salary at the end of the month” she replied

“Yes, that’s is the reason why I don’t write. I need a job, not just to hold to title and to collect the salary, but also to work. I need some work which you seldom find there”. Has she got annoyed? I don’t know and I don’t care.

I feel she is a representative of us, the Malayalees.. It is not just the salary and job security that attract people to Govt jobs but this stupid motto also. The sad part of the story was this girl is a teacher. She was a comrade, who actively participated in the Students union strikes against self financing colleges. I was thinking, if this is the kind of wisdom we cherish, we are going to be trapped in red tapes.

You go to any govt office, even if it’s for a single certificate, you have to waste at- least 2 days. Their replies will be
Day 1: No application here. Come next day
Day 2: Bring this card.. that card
Day 3: (You went there with all the possible certificates you can find)now, some mismatch. Can you ever expect an StrComp to return a 0 for these texts? After all, it is written by those generations who came before them.

Go to fisheries office. I have been there personally. I reached the office by 9.00 AM. I was waiting for the clock to strike 10. Seats were vacant even after 10. The officer came after 10:30. I was made to wait again. By the time I finished my work, it was 11:30. I wanted to blast at him. But I am an “unfortunate, common citizen” of this beautiful land. Can't Interrupt a Govt Servant "at work". I had to collect just one application form. Later on I came to know that, the new form was not needed.

Go to mg university (from experience). You will find empty seats till 11:30AM and seats getting vacant by 3:30 PM. Its heaven for the people who work there. Flexible working hours!!!!! And hell for those who approach them for a signature or a certificate (Customer service…).

The government should bring a proper performance management system. They should take the feedback of Aam Admi to decide the grades and promotions of Govt Servants. Otherwise, this tradition of red tapism will repeat.

Long Post :(... will add somemore things to this in a new one.

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  1. This Because of people like u who want to work but don't want to go any Gov Job. If you want Both Title & work this is the exact place for you. So the old attitude hav to change.

  2. Nice take ... Got nostalgic about my experiences at a sarkaari hospital in bangalore a few years ago ... when i needed a medical fitness certificate for college admission :) !

  3. Really Super..........................